Csgolounge - simple way to gain skins.

Csgolounge - simple way to gain skins.
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Every CS:GO player wants to have nice skins, some of those players think the only way to get skins is purchasing them on steam market or trying their luck by opening cases. Today I will show you really nice solutionn for getting skins the easier way. With csgolounge.com you don't have to spend your money to increase your amount of skins. Csgolounge allow you to bet on one or more matches featuring pro players only by betting max 4 items from your cs:go equippment. In that case if the team for which you have placed your items win you will gain your reward in skins(every single bet has different value you can win, it depends to how many % people will place for one team. For example if 80% people will place for team you have placed then your reward will be lower if they win). You can find more info how this service works on their website.

Of course to increase chance to win skins you should know something about matches you want to place a bet on. Betting without any informations is like lottery - you probably won't get your reward going this way. So how to find informations about teams if you are completly new to competitive cs:go scene? There is so many sites giving you free analyses about involved teams. For example the one of the most known sites in cs:go world - hltv.org, in comments bellow matches you can find some info given by players that knows these teams more than you, some of them may be really helpful and impactful to your choice. The second source is offcial reddit subreddit about csgo bettings(http://www.reddi​t.com/r/csgobett​ing/). By studying these sites you will increase your chance to win even up to 90%. If you are Facebook member I can recommend you a great fanpage also: (https://www.face​book.com/csgogur​u?fref=ts) His analyses are really good, I have won many bets thanks to him.

Why Am I writting this article? Because In my opinion betting skins is really a good way to increase amount of your steam inventory and gain great skins. I was starting my bet story with 4 x $0,04 value items and now I have more than $20 in skins after 50 bets. Luck is important, but its only like 20% of success - the rest is up to you.