Mini-tutorial series #2 CS:GO

Mini-tutorial series #2 CS:GO
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Hello, here is a Effio and today i will show you a second part of my mini tutorial which I made for you to improve your own skill!

1. First lesson - Oneway smoke on long from ct site on de_dust2:

It's old but still good smoke which can help you to cover long from boxes(As you can see on video). This trick can be useful for example when your opponents got eco round but not only! Your enemies will have troubles to see you, so it will give you a huge advantage.

2. Smoke on short and fast flash trought smoke:

It's a good practice when you try to take over A side from short to let 1 or 2 players jump down and clear CT Spawn from enemies/continue attack A side from CT. With this smoke you can just make it easier and suprise your opponents! 

3. Easy smoke to take over long on De_dust2!

This smoke is very good when you want to invade A side from long. Enemy usually stand up close to the wall with AWP or some riffle, so this smoke will force him back or make him move to a pit.

4. And the last one for today, a magic flash from window to b site!

This flash can help you to take over B side. When flash comes out, all the people there will be flashed and you can easy kill all the enemies there!

Thank you for reading this second minitoturial. If you want to improve your skill or learn how to throw every smoke, flash, molotov and magic tricks just purchase a coaching from me! :)