ASUS ROG Winter first invitations

ASUS ROG Winter first invitations
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ASUS ROG Winter has announced that teams such as NiP, Titans and HellRaisers are the first teams invited for this event that will take place on January 30-31 in Finland. The tournament will count 8 teams, 6 teams will be announced from invitation (currently 3 of them are already known) and 2 more need to fight in online qualify tournament, which will be announced shortly.

Online qualification for ASUS ROG Winter are expected to be on January 10-11, that will announce another two teams next to NiP, HellRaisers and Titans on this tournament.

LAN tournament in Hellsinki will welcome eight teams that will be placed in two groups with 4 teams. The group stages are planned for the first day, then on the second day teams will have to compete in BO3 play offs system.