Mini-tutorial series #1 CS:GO

Mini-tutorial series #1 CS:GO
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Hello, my name is Effio and this is first chapter of mini-tutorial I am going to create for everyone who would like to improve as a player in CS:GO

First lessons - Grenades!

If you want to be a successful player you need to learn how to use them properly.


1. De_Mirage - NAVI SMOKES 

Navi smokes are not so popular, and people prefer standard smokes on a site.
But you need to belevie, this smokes are best smokes u can use on this map to improve your chance of winning.


Smoke for fireboxes:


Smoke for jungle:

Throwing two smokes close to the jungle can be an excellent idea. Usually enemy tries to pick trought the smoke while jumping on bench and peeks your teammates.
When smokes are close to fireboxes and jungle enemy can't peek you so easly. He need to lose some time and wait for smokes goes down or try to go trought both smokes.


Smoke for ct:

Smoke for stairs:


2. De_mirage#1 - Easiest smoke


Smoke on Edward

First on our way will be smoke on Edward which is very easy and only what you need to do is a jump and throw!


Smoke on Intersection

I think its the most easiest smoke i ever seen. You just throw smoke!


TIP on site A 

When ur teammate cant watch a palace u can do it from underwooden.
Only what you need to do is a jump on ladder and move so, that u gonna see right site of palace, and if u will see an enemy just crouch and go back to scan him!


3. De_Cache - Magic Flash 

Best flash if you come to squeaky with friend. 
Flash goes trought your teammate and doors in some magic way.
But remember, its only works when it goes trought leg of your friend.


Smokes on Middle (De_Cache)

In this video I show you how to throw smoke on left site of middle (Advanced Sandbags) and right site of middle (Advanced Spool).


Best molotov on b site (De_Cache)

Molotov burns standard and headshot, which gives you 2 position clear!


Boost on car (De_Cache)

The last one today will be a boost which gives you a whole view of the pass from connector to white boxes.