CS:GO Coaching

Coach: Eff1o

Rank: Global Elite


Lesson Informations

About me:

My name is Stanisław “Eff1o” Dolata Dul, I’m 17 years old from Poland. I’ve ended a CS:GO Career few months ago, I was on many offline tournaments and achieved many things in CS:GO. I am a booster and coach at Boosting24.com for almost 3 years. Many people who were boosted and coached by me were very satisfied with the service I’ve provided to them. I am good English-speaker, so you will understand all my commands and advices. In the meantime I am also programmer for many mods in few games. 


Things that you need to know:

- My CS:GO Rank is Global Elite
- I have over 5000h hours in CS:GO and 500 in Source. At boost accounts I have over +1200h.
- My main role is Riffler. On CS:GO matchmaking level I feel comfortable on any position.
- I was playing in many good polish teams, was on many offline tournaments and won a few. My faceit level is 10, and I have 2500 elo with 1,34 kd ratio.


My lessons/coaching sessions include:

- Ingame practice
- All info about every map (smokes/economy/positions/picks.. etc
- Voice communication with teammates
- Tactics/lessons about any of the aspects of the game
- Improving your skill (Aim, brain-use ingame)
- And the most important – how to learn yourself in future, how to improve yourself in CS:GO

Price: 12€