CS:GO Coaching

Coach: Dodus

Rank: Global Elite


Lesson Informations

Things that you need to know:

-My CS:GO rank is GE
-I have over 2.5k hours on record (excluding other accounts);
-I feel comfortable on any position;
-Basically, I can teach you everything that you need know to get better in CS:GO - I'll help you to enchance your aim, response time, in-game sense, tactics knowledge, money management etc;

About me: 

My name is Dawid, I'm 19 years old. Mainly, the amount of work that I've put into taking my skills on the current level allows me to teach you how to improve your ingame performance. I guarantee that if you listen to my advices, you will raise your skillcap and climb up the matchmaking ladder.

My lessons/coaching sessions include:

-Constant voice communication
-Ingame practice
-All the materials and maps that are required to practice
-Lessons about any of the aspects of the game that needs to be explained (eg. economy, timing, peeking, mind games, dealing with teammates etc.)

Price: 15€